Carrier® Fan Coils

Here at Campbell Appliance Heating and Air, Inc., we are an authorized Carrier dealer that provides customers with the correct fan coils for their air conditioner units. If you want the most efficiency you can get out of your air conditioner unit, it is imperative to have the correct fan coil. This will not only extend the life of your unit, it will also cause a difference you can feel when your cooling system is running and see in your electric bill. Some of you may be sitting there thinking you have never even heard of a fan coil, or maybe you have but have never given it any thought. Now maybe it is time to. Contact us now for any questions, concerns, or needs for a fan coil. We are here to help you.

Infinity® series fan Coils

Infinity® Series Fan Coils

Our Infinity fan coil is an essential companion to an Infinity system outdoor unit when there's no furnace inside to move the air. It’s designed to communicate with the Infinity control which can automatically adjust your heating and cooling stages to ensure the highest levels of comfort and energy efficiency. In fact, its variable-speed blower motor will help you feel cooler at higher temperatures in the summer thanks to Ideal Humidity System® technology. Plus, with an Infinity control and heat pump outside you can have warmer air from the register indoors during those cool months.

Infinity® Series Fan Coils Specifications

Model $ Efficiency Support Sound Comfort Features
Fan Coil FE4 $$$ Up to 2.0 SEER BEST Best
Fan Coil FE5 $$$ Up to 2.0 SEER BEST Best
Performance series fan Coils

Performance™ Series Fan Coils

Our ultra-quiet Performance series promises efficiency, consistency, durability, and other words that end with “y.” Like comfy and cozy. Featuring a variable-speed blower motor, it’s able to keep a more even temperature throughout your home. Paired with the right thermostat, it offers Ideal Humidity System® technology so you can feel cooler at higher temperatures in the summer. And, if your outdoor unit is a heat pump—warmer air from the register. That leaves everyone feeling happy.

Performance™ Series Fan Coils Specifications

Model $ Efficiency Support Sound Comfort Features
Fan Coil FV4 $$ Up to 2.0 SEER BETTER Best
Comfort™ series fan Coils

Comfort™ Series Fan Coils

Our Comfort series fan coils are an economical and durable counterpart to a Comfort air conditioner or heat pump when there's no furnace indoors to move the air. They come with either multi- or fixed-speed blower motors to deliver cooling or heating comfort to your home for years to come.

Comfort™ Series Fan Coils Specifications

Model $ Efficiency Support Sound Comfort Features
Fan Coil FX4 $ Up to 1.0 SEER GOOD Better
Fan Coil FB4C $ Up to 1.0 SEER GOOD Better
Fan Coil FY5 $ N/A GOOD Good
Multi-Family Home Fan Coil FF1 $ Up to 1.0 SEER GOOD Good

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