Common AC Problems

Why Isn't My AC Coming On?

Sometimes, the unit won't come on, but you can still hear the fan spinning inside. This can happen for several reasons. First, you will need to check your thermostat to be sure it is on the proper setting and working like normal. Next, you should check your home's circuit breaker to be sure that a fuse isn't blown. Also, if you have bushes or shrubs growing around your outside unit, be sure that they are trimmed back so that they don't prevent proper air flow.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Noisy?

Most units will make some noise when they are running. However, vibrations or loud, ratting noises can indicate a problem. These issues can range from problems with the air handler, to an issue with the fan or motor. It is best to let an expert deal with this situation.

Why is My AC Not Cooling My Home?

If there is cool air moving through your vents, but it isn't cold, this could be a sign that your condenser coil is stalled. This is the part of the unit that produces the cold air. The fan will run even if the condenser isn't working like it should. Failure here could be caused from a blown fuse or tripped circuit, so be sure that you check your circuit breaker. Also, the lack of cool air could be caused from low refrigerant in the system.

Why is My Outdoor AC Unit Not Coming On?

This could be caused by a problem with there being no power to the unit - check your circuit breaker. Also, there could be a burned or disconnected wire to the unit, or a defective contactor, thermostat, or transformer.

Why Does the Circuit Breaker Trip When I Turn My AC On?

This could be from a weak breaker, grounded compressor, condenser fan motor that has shorted out, or from a defective contactor. Be sure that you first check for a blown fuse, which could easily be replaced. If this doesn't work, you will want to call in a professional.

Why is My AC Leaking Water Into My House?

You could have a drain that is stopped up, an evaporator coil pan that is rusted out, or the unit may be frozen up because of an issue with refrigerant levels. When you run the AC, try to see where the water is coming from and make note of it for when you talk to the repair tech.

Why Are Some Rooms Warmer Than Others?

There could be leaks in your duct work, or the air in the system is not well balanced with dampers. This could also be an issue with low refrigerant levels causing your unit to not produce enough cool air.