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Austin, TX

Campbell offers comprehensive appliance repair services that cover every aspect of malfunctions and broken parts that may need to be replaced. Our goal is to provide a quick service for your appliances to lessen the strain and hassles of not having them. Common appliances such as refrigerators and deep freezers are critical repairs that must be completed in a timely fashion. As such, our technicians give customers the quality they expect without racking in large amounts of time and costs. If you're looking for a local appliance repair company in Austin, we got your covered.

Austin is found in Travis County and is the capital of the state. It's nestled along the Colorado River, and folks living here are known as "Austinites." If you are a homeowner here, you undoubtedly have a number of appliances in your home that could break down or experience problems. That is why we are here to help. As Austin, Texas remains a hot and humid place to live, appliances continuously break down from stress and natural use. This mainly concerns appliances that fluctuate between temperatures, or have some form of water use.

Same Day Service Appliance Repair

24 Hour Same Day Emergency Service

When you have broken appliances, you need repairs right away! Why wait? Campbell has a large team of technicians in several offices around the Austin area to provide fast, efficient service to homeowners in need. We offer same day service appliance repair in most cases due to our vast coverage area and large company.

A Trusted Appliance Company

An Appliance Repair Company

Since 1959, Campbell has been a leading provider of appliance repair services within the metropolitan area. Over the last few decades our team has specialized in various aspects of repair methods to address the core functions and vulnerabilities of appliance. Figuring out the type of damage or malfunction is the hardest part which takes time, and thusly costs more money. However, with our trusted experts we resolve the problem immediately through vigorous training and experience - identifying the underlining issue to begin working on the problem rather than trying to understand it.

Types of Appliances We Repair

Ranging from every common type of appliance found in modern households, Campbell provides the repairs you need for every brand and model in the market.

The Most Common Appliance Service

Washer Repair

Virtually hundreds of homes in Austin per day will have a broken washer. As homeowners and families frequently use washers and dryers, these can typically become broken over time. With the useage of water on a regular basis, its not uncommon for washers to malfunction or break. With our fast washer repair service, we can get your appliance back into working order quickly within the same day.


If you're food storage has been compromised, contact our local refrigerator repairmen in your area. Campbell has technicians that specialize in all forms of appliances, especially refrigerators. As Austin remains a hot and humid place to live, this puts stress and strain on refrigerators every day. Many components can naturally wear and tear, requiring repairs or replacements.

Contact Us Today For Appliance Repairs On All Brands

If you're looking for an appliance repair company that handles every type of appliance and brand in the market. This comes from years of experience and advanced training to understand the key components of various appliances that handle different tasks in your home. Whether you have an old or newer model, our team is guaranteed to repair your appliance no matter what. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with a technician.

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