Air Conditioner Repair Near Georgetown, Texas

Air Conditioner Repair

We have the experience and training to repair all brands of heating and cooling systems. Why we're different from our competition is our commitment to be there for you twenty four hours a day. We don't care if it's two in the morning, we know families in this area need us immediately when their AC unit stops working properly.

Certified AC Services

Our certified A/C repair techs first look for obvious reasons why your unit is not working correctly, some of which aren't so obvious to many homeowners.

  • Has your system has stopped working? They'll first check the temperature setting on your thermostat to verity that it's set at minimum 5 degrees below room temperature. While they're at the thermostat, they'll check that it's set to 'COOL' and not to OFF or HEAT.
  • Still not turning on? They'll ensure that all of the switches and controls are 'ON,' then verify that the fuses or circuit breakers at the electrical panel are not blown or tripped.
  • What can cause your air conditioner not to turn on? Various sensor switches and interlocks could be stopping your AC from kicking in, such as an electric motor overload or condensate tray spillage detector switch, an electric motor overload or compartment door interlock safety switch. Our technicians will check for all of these plus many more.

What if it isn't pumping out cold air even when it's turned on?

  • Our technicians will run diagnostics on the fan and compressor/condenser unit. Sometimes the fan just burns out. At times, the fan works it way loose from the motor shaft, or it's drive belt breaks.
  • Often, the cooling coil or evaporator coil is just blocked or dirty.
  • They'll also check your supply registers and duct work. We've seen quite a few registers blocked by furniture or clogged with dust bunnies.
  • Air filters are checked to make sure that they're not completely blocked with dirt and debris.

Our techs are always here to respond to your calls and we'll dispatch them just as quickly as we can. There is somebody standing by 24 hours a day ready to help you get your unit back up and running as soon as possible.

AC Issues and Symptoms

Our hot summer months in Georgetown definitely take their toll on air conditioners, frequently causing them to under deliver or simply break down. This area experiences many days during each summer with degrees of over one hundred. The two most common symptoms are that your AC unit will simply not turn on or it won't blow out cold air. When you turn the thermostat to cool and set the temperature low enough to where it should turn on, but doesn't, this could mean some detector switch or interlock has tripped or that you don't have power to the thermostat or unit itself.

  • If your unit is loud or noisy, this could be because there's an issue with the fan assembly.
  • If the quality of air in your home has diminished as well, it's possible that the air filter needs to be changed.

Contact us. We're here to help 24/7.

Our techs are always here to answer your calls and we'll dispatch them just as quick as we can. There is somebody standing by 24 hours a day ready to assist you to get your unit back up and running as soon as possible.

In addition to ac repair, we also offer these services:

air conditioner brands we service

Not in Georgetown, Texas, and need air conditioner repair in another area? We also service the areas of Austin, Killeen, Round Rock, Temple, and Waco.

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